Day 16: Whirlwind

I had every intention to write today about how great our Saturday was. Truly! The weather was so nice. Still a bit chilly, but sunny and so refreshing. Hayden and I got a lot of errands done today which is always a great feeling. I was able to clean the house a bit and Hayden and I had a little date night this evening.

In all the commotion of a both relaxing yet busy Saturday, here I am late at night struggling to find words that capture our day! So instead, I’ll keep it short.

Today was bright. It was fun. Today was a whirlwind. A good one.

4 thoughts on “Day 16: Whirlwind

  1. I totally had a day like that as well though I wasn’t as productive as you seemed to be. Loved your rhyme!
    Thank you for slicing.


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