Day 15: Parent Teacher Conferences, day two

We meet again, computer screen. I’ve had two conferences this afternoon that went super well! One student we are hoping to reevaluate and terminate his IEP, so that’s exciting! Another student’s parents I met with for the first time this school year and it was amazing to share progress with her about her son. I love my job.

The rest of today I’ve spent organizing my cabinets, making copies, writing lesson plans, you name it. I feel productive today. I’ve got some calm indie music playing in the background as my fingers click and type away. I’m enjoying this calm before tonight when I go to my parents restaurant to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. My mom makes stew, Irish soda bread, and corned beef and cabbage. My cousin comes to sing Irish folk songs and there’s a bagpipe player who plays while people talk over their beer and appetizers. I’m excited. Us Walsh’s LOVE St. Patrick’s Day. Now that I’m a Bradley (still kind of Irish), I have to show my hubby how it’s done!

Just a couple more hours here, Erin. You can do it. Then you get an ice cold beer and are allowed to wear an endless amount of green. Hello, weekend!

4 thoughts on “Day 15: Parent Teacher Conferences, day two

  1. I really love your opening line “Hello again, computer screen.” I also appreciate how you show your love for your job with specific examples. And then for St. Patrick’s celebrations- so many specifics! I want to join your family for this holiday.


  2. How nice that your conferences are going well. It’s such a wonderful feeling to celebrate what kids are doing well. Have fun with your celebrations this weekend!


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