Day 17: Formula

This morning at church, our sermon series has been all about living a life that is “fully devoted.” I loved the part where our pastor said this:

Information + Application = Transformation

A simple yet powerful formula. Now, in my life, I view this from a couple different standpoints. Obviously I want to glorify God in how I live my life (if you know me, that’s probably not a surprise!) but I also think this formula can be applied elsewhere. In fact, during the sermon, I was thinking about school. About my students.

As their teacher, I am the one supplying information. I teach the sounds vowels make, how they fit together with consonants, various “rule breakers” (thanks, English language) and try to show how it applies in passages and books. We practice blending to help our decoding which then helps our fluency and before we know it – ta da! We can read.

However, there’s the application piece. This is the part I can help provide but it is my students job to apply themselves and the information I’ve given. They have to be the ones who step out and take risks to learn and grow. That leads to the next step.

Transformation. In school, this transformation can be as little as my students recognizing digraphs for the first time and suddenly they are fluently tapping out and blending words with digraphs. That’s huge! Transformation, I’m learning, takes time. It’s a process that oftentimes doesn’t even happen in an entire school year. While my students are working on the application piece, I am bettering my information piece and together we both transform.

3 thoughts on “Day 17: Formula

  1. Great connection! “Information + Application = Transformation” – I love how you made the connection to your classroom and you nailed it. The transformation is so important and it does take time, but the information and the application (of the information) are crucial to leading the students to transform. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Great post, and great “formula” to share. For me, the real transformation is when your students actually learn to read what they want to- talk about transformation! Then there is no stopping them, no limits.


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