Day 14: Parent Teacher Conferences, night one

Ah, today’s that day us teachers sit in our classrooms waiting for parents to arrive (or not arrive) for a fifteen minute chat about how their child is doing in the classroom. As a special education teacher, I don’t have a full class, which means that I don’t have very many parents that choose to come talk with me about their child’s progress. For that reason, here I sit. Writing on my blog. Chewing some gum. Crossing my fingers somebody brings me a coffee to keep me alive, awake, alert, and enthusiastic.

However, for the parents that I do get to sit with tonight…man oh man. I am so excited to share the growth I’ve seen in my kiddos this year. Being my second full year of teaching, I’ve only had one prior year to compare growth to. I’m amazed. Amazed at what can happen in just one year. Kiddos I met in kindergarten who didn’t even know the letters in their own first name are reading 70+ sight words and utilizing sound-tapping skills to blend sounds together to make words. I met with a parent tonight who has been so concerned about her son’s growth and when I shared how he’s actually the leader in our group because he works hard and perseveres even when it’s hard, she started to cry. Cry! I’m not a parent but I imagine that, God-willing, when I am someday I will react the same way.

I feel proud on an almost daily basis. I say almost because let’s be real. Not everyday in teacher land is a dream boat. Some days are hide-your-tears-tough-it-out-today-is-just-Monday-you-are-an-adult days. But then there are the wow-I-am-so-amazed-you-just-did-that-yourself-look-how-you-are-growing days. Those days are the reason I went in to the field of education. The look on a child’s face when it finally “clicks.” I live for that.

So, yes. I’m tired and cranky because I miss my dog and my bed and today’s a long day. But today (and tomorrow) is also full of so much joy and appreciation from parents for the help I am privileged to give their children.

Stay tuned for day two…

One thought on “Day 14: Parent Teacher Conferences, night one

  1. Your joy and pride in your students and their accomplishments shines in this post. I love the story about the mother who burst into happy tears. How great is that! I suspect you set a wonderful tone for learning in your classroom and when communicating with parents. Enjoy the rest of your conferences!


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