Day 13: Windows Down

For the first time in a long time, I drove with the windows cracked just a peep today! My dog spent the day at my parents house while I was at work because my brother is in town from Texas, where he goes to school, and wanted to see her. I dropped her off this morning and was honestly a little disappointed at the gray color outside. By lunch, I felt the same. When I left work after a tutoring session though, the temperature shocked my system!

Though it was still gray and a little rainy here and there, Camper and I drove with the windows down. She loved every minute. I really need a car wash because, wow, the windows of my small car are covered in puppy licks and nose marks. She loves the car.

Spring, we are ready for you! More days of windows down, please!

3 thoughts on “Day 13: Windows Down

  1. So nice, to feel spring, driving in a car! I love he image of all the doggie licks that need to be cleaned off. We are having either gray skies but warmer days, or blue skies and cold winds. Not yet a real spring-feel 🙂


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