Day 7: Productivity

I may be a bit nerdy and slightly type A but WOW does it feel good to have a productive day. Granted, I woke up late this morning so my routine was thrown off just a tick. But I made it to work and seriously feel like I haven’t stopped moving since 8:00 this morning.

I had an IEP meeting this morning for a student of mine, then left the meeting to fill out all of my kiddos’ IEP progress reports. I typed those up, printed them off, highlighted the important stuff parents need to see (let’s be real…too many words means no one looks unless it’s highlighted in a pretty orange), stuffed those into envelopes and sealed them shut. After that I inputted all of the progress information into a data sheet we use in special education world. Once that was finished, I quickly downed my lunch and went straight back to work. Another spreadsheet. Woo-hoo! When that was over I made some parent phone calls to schedule more annual reviews, gasped at the fact that it’s March and May is SO CLOSE, and finally then sat down. To type all of this.

Whew. Now I’m sitting at my desk kind of proud of myself. Yesterday was a stressful day with so many post-its full of things I absolutely needed to get done before the sun set tonight and here I am! The sun isn’t even close to setting!

Do any of you ever feel a surge of energy from the feeling of productivity? I can’t help it! I feel like I could run a marathon! But I super duper won’t do that because I’m way too out of shape. Darn it. There’s the next item on my to-do list.

5 thoughts on “Day 7: Productivity

  1. Wow! I can understand why you feel great. What an incredibly productive day you had! Sometimes the more you do, the more you do! I also feel great when I get a lot done–but now it strikes me that it’s been a while! lol I enjoyed your ending as well.


  2. I know the feeling you write about, but wish it cam more often:). You describe it with such enthusiasm, and I love the image of getting through the post-it notes before the sun sets! I also love the humor and humility in your ending.


  3. I love those days when I feel super productive! Lately I seem to be writing and rewriting the same to-do list each day. I am hoping that your post inspires me to make tomorrow more productive!


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