Day 8: Unexpected Day Off

Last night my stomach started hurting. Like, lots of pain. Not a normal stomach ache. I went to bed early after an evening of being sick hoping that sleep would help and ease my pain.

I woke up this morning like all others and showered, took my dog out, and started the car. My stomach was still in pain so I skipped the coffee and decided water was a better choice. I bundled up because it snowed again (ugh) and got in my car. Cringing in pain, I decided I could make it through one more day. It’s Friday, after all.

Well, my tummy had other plans for me. To spare as many details as possible, about 10 minutes into my drive I got sick again. Welp. I turned my car around and climbed back into bed. Guess I wasn’t going to make it through another day. And boy am I glad yesterday was such a productive day for me because there was absolutely no way I was getting any work done today!

I slept 5 more hours which is crazy but I guess my body needed it. I’m thankful for the day of rest, and more thankful my stomach has calmed down a little bit. Grateful for this weekend ahead and the fact that my hubby and I have no plans whatsoever.

Netflix, cup of tea, comfy PJ’s…here I come.


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