Day 6: $10,000?!

I drive an hour to work every morning. Sounds exhausting, I know, and some days it really is! But honestly, I enjoy my time in the car in the mornings. It gives me time to listen to music, drink my coffee, pray, and center myself before a long day. It’s the drives home after those long days that STINK. But enough about that.

Today on the radio I heard a story about a woman who read her entire insurance policy. You know, those policies with too many pages and print that is way too fine. Well, as she was reading she discovered a section that read “If you’ve read this far, then you are one of the very few Tin Leg customers to review all of their policy documentation.” It then went on to give an e-mail address and the first person to respond won, you guessed it, $10,000.

I want to think that because I’ve heard this story I will change my ways and read all the fine print on any documents I ever have to sign my name to but let’s be real…that isn’t gonna happen. Good for this lady though! Bet she’s having a pretty awesome Hump Day.

8 thoughts on “Day 6: $10,000?!

  1. I like some car time too. I like to listen to podcasts or music or use Voxer to catch up with friends. I would hate a long drive home too, though. I’m terrible about reading fine print. Thanks for sharing a light-hearted slice.


  2. Oh my goodness! I better start doing that too! Holy cow, that’s a lot of cash! Totally feel you on the after-work- drive, though. Last year I did that and it was brutal. Podcasts became my new best friends!


  3. That’s right Erin- who in the world reads the small print on anything— BUT look what the pay off could be if you do. Thanks for sharing this story it will make me SKIM the fine print next time. LOL


  4. Haha that reminds me of the following directions activity I have given my students: the first direction tells them to read all the directions before beginning. After that there are about 20 steps of activities to complete in 5 minutes. The very last one reads, “Since you have read all the directions before beginning, write your name in the top right corner of your paper and put your pencil down.” Gets them every time….

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  5. I distinctly remember being on the receiving end of joyousthoughts’ activity—I was not one of the students who read directions before beginning. Sigh. I couldn’t figure out why everyone was stopping taking the test. Lesson learned! Thanks for sharing the story and for sparking a trip down memory lane!


  6. I understand about not unsung the drive (at least one way) because I value thoughtful, alone-time, too. And time to receive whatever quirky news the radio may bring, and this was a great story! Glad you shared it.
    (By the way, I also recommend exploring podcasts. There are so many great ones.)


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