Day 11: A Good Night’s Rest?

When my husband proposed and we started searching for our first place together, we knew we’d need a new bed. Hayden, being the saver that he is, decided he’d find a mattress online. He spent hours on websites reading countless reviews and finally landed on one. We ordered it, it shipped to our new town home, and ta-da! We opened the box to find a huge king sized foam mattress. I was pretty excited. For the first few months leading up to our wedding, I got to sleep in this thing all on my own! Only problem was…it sucked.

I mean, really, how can a foam mattress be that uncomfortable? It was too firm. The pillows it came with wrecked my neck. “Please can we get a new one, please!” I’d beg to my hubby. Fast forward 10 months, we still have the dang thing. Hayden doesn’t mind it but I think finally my aches and pains were starting to make him feel guilty. We called up the company (they offer a full year to test it out before returning) and set our return date.

So what did we do this weekend? Mattress shopping! I never knew how much joy came from trying out mattress after mattress. Kind of awkward having some sales man watching you and your husband pretend you’re sleeping on every bed in the store; but we went with it. We found one we LOVED and it gets delivered today!

Tonight will be the first night in a long while I’ll get to sleep in a comfortable bed! Stay tuned for the verdict.



6 thoughts on “Day 11: A Good Night’s Rest?

  1. Oh, that is exciting! How wonderful that they’ll take it back for up to a year. That’s amazing to me! I hope you get a wonderful night’s sleep tonight and wake up still in love with your mattress. Enjoy!


  2. Mattress shopping can be so tricky! I too ordered Charlie and I a mattress offline three years ago. It had great reviews… Well I certainly disagreed. I dont know if we had a return policy or what that policy might have been. And yup, we still have it! Lesson learned- dont order a mattress online before testing it out somewhere. hahaha!


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