Day 10: Pancakes for Dinner

Sunday mornings are my favorite but by the time 2:00pm hits I’m ready for a very long nap. My husband is a worship pastor who’s currently interviewing at a new church in our area. He led worship for the first time today at all three services; 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30. After that, we had lunch with a couple from the church and by the time we got home we were zonked. Three hour nap later we wake to realize “shoot it’s 7:00 and we haven’t had dinner.”

I go into the kitchen to begin prepping the meal I was planning to make – chicken tetrazzini. Unfortunately my grocery shopping skills this past week were subpar as I realized I didn’t get the two cans of soup that were needed for the recipe. Guess that’s dinner tomorrow after a trip to Jewel. Hmm. What else could I make?

Pancakes! Simple. Fast. Sweet. And best of all, Hayden makes the pancakes in our family. I called him downstairs and, get this, he was so excited he got to work right away. We sat down enjoying our pancakes for dinner, looking forward to the week ahead, feeling grateful for a Sunday like this one.


3 thoughts on “Day 10: Pancakes for Dinner

  1. I have sweet memories of eating pancakes for dinner as a child. I definitely agree that it’s “best of all” that your husband enjoys making the pancakes, too. Sounds like a win, win and a wonderful Sunday.


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