Day 3: Puppy Love

Okay, let’s be real. Is there anything better in this world than puppy cuddles? One day I hope to be a Mama to a little baby but until that day, I’ll forever favorite my status as a puppy parent.

My husband and I got our little pup back in September 2018 and she’s forever changed our world. My parents, who were so totally against us even getting a dog in the first place, fell in love with our Camper girl and when they found out the family that bred my sweet baby girl was breeding again they jumped at the opportunity to get one of their own!

Enter: Cooper. We picked this little guy up just a week ago!!!! He’s so stinking tiny. Today I’ve been puppy sitting because both my parents are working and nine hours is a long time for a little pup to be alone. He’s very laid back but equally as stubborn. Why poop outside in the cold when you can poop in the comfort of your own family room, right? (Rolls eyes).

Monday, don’t come too quick okay? I’m perfectly content over here with this little one.


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