Day 29: Maine, day four

Jenna took off work today – praise! We woke up abruptly though because Jenna’s sub misplaced the sub plans so we needed to make sure she had those for the day. When all was settled, Jenna preheated the oven for some cinnamon rolls. We made fruit smoothies too (so we could feel sort of healthy.)

After breakfast and a very slow morning of breakfast and talking for hours, we packed up some of Jenna and Mason’s place (they’re moving in a couple weeks). We finished loading some boxes up with stuff and then got ready for the day. We headed to Portland to do some window shopping which then turned into actual shopping — oops!

When we had finished shopping, we realized we had totally forgotten about lunch so we wanted food. We went to a spot in Portland we’d been before a couple of summers ago – Flatbread Pizza Company. So so yummy.

When dinner finished, we continued walking around Portland so grateful that the weather wasn’t bad…just cloudy. Thankfully we took advantage of the sunny weather yesterday so I got to see Bug Light Park’s lighthouse. Very sweet. Our day in Portland ended with a Chris Tomlin, Tauren Wells, and Pat Barrett concert! Amazing to worship with my best friend and hundreds of other believers.

Tomorrow is Saturday – sleep in, get nails done, movie day – because the forecast says rain. Oh, Spring Break, never end.

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