Day 24: Family

Ever since I can remember, my extended family has been close and very intentional with spending time together. My dad is one of eleven and my mom is one of six. So, needless to say, my extended family is pretty big. And it rocks.

The Walsh side, my dad’s side, has a family reunion every other year. Most of us live in Illinois but we do have some family in Connecticut, Florida, and now Missouri! It is so special and honestly probably pretty rare that a group of individual families get together with their huge extended family for weeks on end every other summer. The O’Donnell side, my mom’s side, doesn’t get together in person as frequently but we have a Facebook messenger chat that my uncles use almost daily (going to be super annoying now that March Madness has started!)

I am so blessed with a family that not only loves spending time together, but makes the time for it as often as possible. Today we celebrated one of my cousin’s birthdays and I thought to myself how special it is to have family there for all of life’s ups and downs. I am truly blessed!

2 thoughts on “Day 24: Family

  1. This post is a beautiful celebration of family, even if it does come with annoying March Madness posts on the family Facebook page. My mother’s side (also quite large) has had yearly reunions for over 50 years. It’s an amazing tradition, and we’ve met all over the country. Great post!


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