Day 23: Sunny

I woke up this morning and like usual, took the dog out. My thoughts immediately took over. Oh my goodness. Sunny. It’s sunny.

I showered, made coffee, threw a load of laundry in and told Camper we were going for a walk. A long one. We walked and walked and greeted neighbors who were also outside enjoying the sunshine. There’s something about a bright sky that completely changes my mood. I instantly was more grateful and happy. A perfect start to Saturday.

When we got home, I opened every window in our home. Sunlight started to pour into our home. Camper and I both were in heaven. The fresh air and magnificent light made our day of chores so sweet.

My Mom is on her way to pick me up and we will venture to Wisconsin to have a little family get together. I can’t wait to drive with the windows down the whole way. I love Spring.

5 thoughts on “Day 23: Sunny

  1. Your joy in the sunny weather really shines through here. Our blue skies were beautiful, but the biting wind deflated rising thoughts of spring. Soon though…Enjoy your weekend!


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