Day 21: Home Alone

My husband just got a new job and the start date is April 1! I am so proud of him and so happy for this next season of our life. The past eight months or so have been tough with so many unknowns and questions but finally we see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Because he doesn’t start until the first, he decided he’d go back home (he’s from Ohio) for the rest of the week to visit family. His grandmother is really sick and not doing well so I’m grateful he gets this time with them before our lives get hectic again. Being from Chicago, the five and a half hour drive isn’t doable all the time but this week he could swing it.

That said, I’m home alone! I don’t mind it. But here’s the bad part…if my husband is out of town and if I work weekdays then that means our puppy is home alone. Uh-oh.

Yesterday I got home to find she had found a stash of tissue paper from a wedding present we received. Tissue paper was all over our living room floor. I mean, she tore that paper to literal shreds. She also had an accident in our home but I will spare you the details of that fiasco.

This morning I took her outside and she did her business as usual. She sat by the door as I stalled as long as I could before I absolutely had to leave for work. I hate leaving her alone. All I’m thinking about today is how gloomy it looks outside and how sad she must be that her Mom left and how confused she is as to where her Dad is. Poor thing. I’m going to give her lots of cuddles when I get home. And treats.

I wonder if dogs like their time home alone or if they search the house looking for their human. We hope to get one of those security cameras to keep an eye on her when we’re gone for a while. I guess I’ll find my answer once that thing is installed. Until then – Camper, please don’t find anything else to tear up today. Please and thank you. -Mom

4 thoughts on “Day 21: Home Alone

  1. Have fun crate training! Be careful not to be too excited when you leave or come back or your dog might develop separation anxiety and that’s a whole other box of trouble. You can try hemp chews for dogs or there are collars that have scents that are supposed to be calming for dogs.


  2. I got through the first line of your post and immediately when to leave a reply. Congrats to Hayden!!

    Oh goodness- I have to say I love pics I see of the mischievous things their pets do when the are left home alone. Hope Camper stays away from the tissue paper and/or anything else for that matter!


  3. Good post. So relatable (that accident fiasco!)
    I have a friend who used to save old boxes, like cereal, pasta boxes, and she would put a treat inside and tape it closed. When she left the house for work she would leave that “challenge” behind. I thought that was a great way to amuse a lonely dog, and to feel you had left a present when you had to go. 🙂


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