Day 20: Greasy Hair

Greasy Hair: A Poem (or something like that)

How is it that late already?
Didn’t my alarm go off?
Yawning, Realizing, Rushing

Thankfully I set out clothes,
My lunch and bag fully packed
Time was short so the decision was clear
Greasy hair it is

Brush, Brush, Dry Shampoo, Brush
Nothing will fix this mess
All day long I’ll look forward to
The shower awaiting me at home

Sorry this poem doesn’t rhyme. It bothers me too. But I guess that fits perfectly with the feeling I had all day – uneasy, icky, greasy hair.

5 thoughts on “Day 20: Greasy Hair

  1. I’d never even heard of dry shampoo until recently, but I can still relate to your poem. Like Fran, I like how the chaos of your day is reflected in your poem. I’ll be that shower felt good!


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