Day 9: Rainy Day

I love the pitter-patter of rain. I love the roaring thunder. I love being inside during rain storms – watching drops cluster together and fall in perfect precision on the windows of my home.

I love curling up with my puppy under a blanket. I love listening to her sweet snores and the faint sound of my husband playing guitar upstairs. I love lighting a candle that reminds me of homemade cookies and sitting in the dark while I listen to the wind and strength of the rain hitting my rooftop.

Though my head is pounding (yes, I’m getting sick) I love it here in my home. I love today. Saturday. Rest day. Rainy day.


4 thoughts on “Day 9: Rainy Day

  1. You capture such great sensory images! The drops collecting, the sounds near and far, I can almost feel your puppy against me. I also like to sit in the dark- that detail was important to me. And not everyone writes such a lovely memoir piece while getting sick! Glad you at least had a day of rest and quiet reflection.


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